Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's getting hot in here.

Yes, I've almost taken off all my clothes.

I am 19 weeks pregnant. Almost halfway through.!

I have been pregnant a few times, as you're all aware. Once, I gave birth in the first, less boiling month of summer, once I found out I was pregnant just before summer, but not once have I been halfway through a pregnancy in summer.

Until now.

And can I just say, it really isn't great.

Sure, no period means I can go swimming every day if I want, but of a nighttime, unless I haul fatness over the pool fence, it isn't happening. Plus, I was once told by a lifeguard that someone, obviously someone not 19 weeks pregnant did break into the pool once and took a dump in the water.
The idea of being a midnight pool thief is really not appealing to me. I'd be safer swimming in my own loo.

It is midnight here, and it is thirty one degrees. Thirty one.!? There's no bloody sun! How is it still this hot.!?

Add to the heat, an internal furnace, and this baby ain't all that's baking.

I have calculated my date of conception (who am I kidding, I know the exact dates of my last two conceptions because when you have kids, sex is so not happening regularly) and I have worked out that this little womb raider was conceived on a particularly cold night in September.

So, to ensure I'm no longer spending any more summer nights on my doorstep in my knickers and bra with my gut resting on my thunderous thighs, I am making a point of buying an electric blanket this year.

Or pajamas, that double as a straight jacket.
Made of some sort of radiating heat steel, that can only be taken off with a key.
The key of which will be placed somewhere I cannot reach.
The suit will be for Hubby.

This means I'll have no need for cuddles that result in, well, you all know how babies are made.

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  1. I know exactly how you are feeling. I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant and kicking myself for it. I was silly enough to do it twice now!

    Many a night I have gone outside and plonked in my son's little pool just to get cool.

    Good luck