Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our First (Full) Day of Kinder.

After the bomb that was our first day of Kinder. We went back for a second attempt today.

I got some beautiful photos of my little man before he left, and he was incredibly excited. He cuddled his Kinder bag in the car and told me he'd paint me a beautiful picture, but he wanted to play trains first.

When we signed in, he walked straight outside and hung his bag on the exact same hook he'd hung it on on Monday. He then spotted a toy wheelbarrow...

I was brave today.

I didn't even feel like crying because his happy face just made me so happy. We were doing this.
We were doing it right.
Before he ran off with the wheelbarrow I asked for a kiss, to which he responded immediately before slamming one on Hubby's cheek, and last but not least, Miss E.

He gave us a wave, said his goodbye, and ran off to play.

We weren't sad when we were leaving.
We had a brief chat with his teacher and it wasn't long before we were on our way.

We heard some kid's throwing tantrums, refusing to stay, and although I was a little worried that this would hinder our progress, I needn't have worried.

Our little man, and myself, stayed strong.
We shone today.


I can't really say I counted the hours until he came home, because if I'm honest, I didn't. Not really.

I wondered a lot about what he was doing, but Miss E kept me well occupied for the day.
Come pick up time, I was excited to see how his first day had gone. No phone calls from his teacher could only mean good things.

We walked in at pick up time and our little man was sitting on the mat, ever so attentive to what his teacher was saying. We stood to the side, waiting for him to notice us, and I couldn't help but swell with pride at the fact he was in the same clothes we'd dropped him off in. He hadn't wet himself, as much as I feared he would, because he'd be having too much fun and forget to go.

Mrs. D came over and told us he'd had a wonderful day, while he was still on the mat, oblivious to us. We asked how he'd gone at lunchtime because I knew I went a little overboard with his lunch. Hubby told me not to, but I was worried he'd get hungry and I wanted to make sure he had more than enough to eat.

Mrs. D confirmed that I had in fact gone overboard, and what Hubby suggested, was more than enough.

At least I know for next time.

As soon as Master S looked up and saw us, he started crying. He didn't want us, he was having too much fun.

After a minute or two of not wanting us, he came over, took my hand and led me to his hook. We collected his bag, and he pointed to all the things he'd played with. The trains (of course), were the first things he showed us. He then showed us where he'd done some artwork and we collected two beautiful coloring in's that he'd done. He also told us he made lots of new friends!

Another piece of artwork was of cutting and pasting, and I could tell by the look on his face he was quite proud of himself. We were quite proud, too.

We left his teacher for the weekend and a bit, and Master S told her he'd be back for Kinder soon.

We made it to the street my Mum lives in, and his chatter had died down in the backseat. He was exhausted, and had fallen asleep.

I was a bit upset that the most time we'd spent together was about an hour and a half in total, but, I'm glad he had fun. And I'm even more glad, that he's made some friends and had a happy day!

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