Monday, February 6, 2012

Our first day of Kinder. Kind of.

Master S was up early and keen for Kicker (Kinder) this morning.
He was full of beans while I made his lunch, he had a shower and got dressed.

And then we waited.

While we waited, he started to deteriorate. He turned awfully pale, and was shaking, before he vomited.

We put it down to nerves, since he was still quite keen to go to Kinder.

After taking him into Kinder, showing him his hook and helping him hang his bag, he had a drink, but was still quite off. He didn't cry, but he was still pale and not his normally smiley self.

After giving him a quick kiss, I escaped outside, and didn't quite make it to the car before having a cry.
He looked so small and ill, which made it harder to leave him behind.

I spent two hours thinking of all the wonderful things he'd be doing before I received a phone call from Hubby.

The Kinder had called, and Master S was sleeping.

I rushed to pick him up, only to find he was not only asleep, but burning up very quickly. Mrs. M told me he'd been dozey since we left him, and hadn't participated in any activities except a sip of milk at fruit & milk time.

He is still feeling quite off, but refuses to take his new Kinder shirt off, and has said he wants to go back when he's feeling better.

Not an ideal end to a (half) Kinder day, but I'm sure he'll enjoy it when he goes back because he had a few children wave him off and say they hope he's feeling better soon.


So I made it through the first day.
Now to try again, for a whole day, on Thursday when he's feeling better.
I'm sure it'll be easier when he's happy.

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