Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Letter to my Children.

To my darlings,

It's very late, and very cold, as I sit outside and write this to you both. You are both tucked up in your nice warm beds, hopefully, having pleasant dreams.

As you both know, Nigel hasn't been doing very well lately. He hasn't wanted to play as much and you have had to be extra gentle with him, so as not to hurt him.

While you were both sleeping, Nigel wasn't doing very well. He was very sad because he missed his brother Carlos, and wanted to go to sleep to be with him.

He missed his brother a lot, and although Nigel loved you both, he thought that because you have us, Pepsi and each other that you would be okay if he went to sleep.

Nigel is in a beautiful place, where he is happy and he isn't lonely or sad anymore. He's with Carlos and they are both playing together, watching over you, but knowing you're both okay.

I know you'll be sad when I tell you this when you wake up, but I also know that you will be very brave and know that Nigel is in a much nicer place.

He'll always remember how good you both were to him. He'll always remember how much you both loved him, too.

He's happy again, and I know this will make some of the hurt go away, knowing that he's happy again, because it made you both sad to see him sad and hurting.

I'm sorry babies.
Mummy and Daddy love you lots and we're very sorry that Nigel had to go away, but we know that somehow you'll understand this.

Lots of love and cuddles,

Mummy xoxoxoxox


  1. :( Poor lil guy. Hope your bambinos are OK xxx

  2. nawwww. I am crying. A beloved pet passing is heartbreaking. sending love to you all.